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Adoption support services

I have been working with adoptive families and their children, including in special guardianship (SGO) since 2010, and through the Adoption Support Fund since 2018.

Adoption Support

I offer one to one therapy and/or family therapy, in person to adoptive parents and children through regional adoption services. Given my experience as a psychotherapist and having worked in children's social care, CAMHS, adult mental health services and in private practice I have lots of useful experience to support your child or family. I take a creative approach working with young people at their house or in the community. With individual work with some young people I work with they don't like a typical office or clinic setting and this works well for them. Whether we stay in the house or go for a walk I take an approach that best fits your child or adolescents needs. 



I am a systemic psychotherapist which means that I think about people in the context of relationships, in a strength based ensuring that problems are not located in individuals. I am also trained in Level 1 and 2 DDP. 


Next steps

If you would be interested in discussing this further and getting a better understanding of my approach, please get in touch and we can arrange a virtual call to discuss further.



At present, I cover West London, North West London, Hertfordshire and some of North London.

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