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"I was really hesitant in accessing therapy because it was all really new to me, but Derek made me feel really at ease and we built a solid relationship and were able to explore and make connections about things that I would never have thought about otherwise. I trusted the process and it it paid off for me. Thank you!". - Mr H, March 2021

"Derek was able to assist me in the exploration of my understanding of my clients' relationships with services and the concept of help - enabling me to offer appropriate professional stable bases to clients. Furthermore, he provided me with feedback and analysis of my own hypotheses, formulation and practice in respect to clients families, and the issues they present. This bolstered my confidence that my practice was safe while facilitating second order change within my client families". - Ms T, August 2020

"Our supervision sessions were useful in exploring my understanding of the therapeutic relationship, and its connected issues with power. Most of all, we were able to adopt positions of reflexivity and curiosity as we discussed the issues of self in the practitioner. We were able to reflect, deconstruct and reconstruct how my social graces, life experiences, and biases consciously or unconsciously impact my practice, my person, my approaches, methods and techniques; which provides me a more nuanced ability to discuss difficult conversations with clients in an anti-oppressive manner".

"He is transparent, honest, patient, and non-judgemental, even in his challenges. I would not hesitate to recommend Derek".
"Derek is considerate, supportive and encouraging. Consistently going above and beyond to ensure quality of care for the clients I work with and to aid my personal and professional development. Of particular value are the times Derek challenges my taken for granted knowledges, progressing my thinking with regards to my use of self". Mr E, June 2020

"I have benefited from Derek’s social justice seeking stance and his keen interest in the power of the voices and experiences that exist in the margins of society".

"Derek, thank you for your ongoing support. I feel your presence in some of the day to day decisions that I make but through our sessions together I can now also notice that I am needing to do this less and less because of my growing confidence and clarity in thinking. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you for anyone looking for a coach".

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