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With over a decade of experience in the public sector, I have had the privilege of assisting Local Authorities and County Councils in integrating systemic principles and ideas into their organisations. My role has included providing valuable training, coaching, and mentoring, tailored to enhance the operational efficiency and staff development within these institutions.

In addition to my public sector work, I have served as an associate lecturer and supervisor at the University of Northampton, and have lectured on Systemic Practice in Social Care at the Institute of Family Therapy (IFT). I have facilitated workshops at the Bedfordshire Spring School in 2018, and at IFT in 2019 and 2021, sharing insights and fostering professional growth among attendees. I am also on the board of trustee's as a clinical trustee for a charity.

Beyond these roles, I manage a private practice where I work empathetically with mainly individuals but also families and couples, a majority of which has seamlessly transitioned to online sessions. My extensive experience also includes providing therapeutic support to adoptive families and individuals with special guardianship orders through Adoption support agencies, focusing on tailored, sensitive, and impactful interventions.

I have a proven track record of working with young people who do not want to access therapy, or have previously had therapy and have not engaged. In my specialist work with adolescents I build a strong relationship through weekly or fortnightly meetings and take a flexible and creative approach. Whether it is more straight forward such as meeting with your child at home, I also offer to go out which really fits for some young people as it takes some of the pressure or stigma out of how they might have pictured therapy being and we can go for a walk and talk.

I hope to bring this blend of experience, empathy, and ethical practice to further contribute to impactful, meaningful change and healing. 

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